Innovative solutions for plastics recycling

We design and manufacture lines for recycling plastics, increasingly specializing in the recycling of all waste normally defined as difficult to recover.

Show us your idea, we don't discard anything

We start from a problem and your need to find a solution, bringing the most diverse materials to new life in the knowledge that everything can be transformed, you just have to find the way.

PO Film

Non woven fabric

Fishing nets


Rigid plastics

The quality that sets us apart is our ability to find a customized solution, whatever the problem and the initial scrap.

Together with you, we will overcome barriers by designing the best solution

We design and manufacture complete systems for plastics recycling, but we don't stop there. Your demand is our starting point: with our revolutionary technology and know-how, we will help you achieve outstanding results and performance, demonstrating the value that can be obtained from waste.

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Show us your scraps,
together we will find the best solution

We will show you the value you can get

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Design your own solution

We are proudly different: we start with a problem to design with you the solution that best fits your needs.

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Full service, always by your side

Our commitment does not end with the design and delivery of the plant. We also accompany you during the installation, start-up and subsequent maintenance of the line.