Innovative, customized lines for washing plastics

We provide our experience and knowledge of recycling and processing processes, ensuring maximum valorization and recycling of most plastics materials from post-consumer and post-industrial sources.

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We design and implement our pulper waste recovery lines with the utmost expertise to optimize productivity, reduce waste and ensure a high degree of energy efficiency and water sustainability.

With our innovative technologies, we provide several benefits, including disposal cost savings, total fiber recovery, total recovery of plastics for various end applications, and recovery of ferrous material.

Types of Washing Plants - Pulper

Paperboard, Tetrapack

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The configuration of a recovery line can be very different depending on the level of contamination of the pulper to be recovered. What sets us apart is our ability to design and build custom lines.

Recycling plants are divided into several stages, depending on the characteristics of the input material. Generally speaking, the plants designed by Recy are divided into several main stages:


This stage is designed and carried out with special care as it is essential to carry out good grinding to ensure optimal operation of the entire line and excellent final product quality.

This processing cycle consists of robust and easy-to-maintain machines capable of processing difficult materials with high contamination rates, and the composition of the line depends on the type of input material.

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Prewashing and washing

Our systems are customized and can include water or dry prewashing and cold or hot washing, depending on the type and quality of the incoming material. In this way, we are able to ensure greater energy efficiency and minimize water consumption.
Our innovative hot washing system self-generates heat and does not require heating systems with associated electrical costs and maintenance problems. It is, moreover, capable of removing all kinds of impurities, odors, and printing inks, which is essential for obtaining the highest quality granule.

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Drying and granulation

The machinery present at this stage of processing is designed with extreme care in order to remove most of the water content left in the product, reaching a moisture content of less than 1 percent. In this way, we are able to minimize subsequent energy and operational costs during the granulation phrase.

Thanks to the very low moisture content, we are also able to perform excellent homogenization and granulation through single- or twin-screw systems that can achieve up to 4 degassings.

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Product processing

Show us your scraps, together we will create a high-quality product.

From the waste, we can provide a suitable granule to make various finished products. We have unique technologies that allow us to make endless transformations with any kind of waste.






Examples of finished product

Our pluses

Tailored solutions

Customized lines for every need


Constant innovation through research and development

Economic savings

Low energy and water consumption


h24 7/7

Excellent washing

Final product totally odorless

Excellent drying

Humidity less than 1%


Low consumption of chemical additives

Production flexibility

Modular plants with capacities from 1000 kg/h to 5000 kg/h


Reduced maintenance costs

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