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We offer our experience and knowledge in the field of recycling and processing of waste to ensure the maximum exploitation of plastic materials of post-consumer and post-industrial origin.

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Fishing nets

Our engineering department is always committed to the research, study and design of innovative washing and recovery solutions for all types of waste. We are proud to be the only company in the world to have designed and implemented a new technology for the washing and recycling of post-consumer  fishing nets, often abandoned in the seas and oceans.

Types of Washing lines - Fishing Nets

PA monofilament fishing nets, PA fishing nets, PE-PP aquaculture nets

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Every stage, from the conception and design to the production and assembly, is managed in-house by our highly qualified staff. This optimises productivity, reduces waste and ensures high energy efficiency and water sustainability.

Washing lines are divided into several stages, depending on the characteristics of the input material. In general, the fish net recycling lines designed by Recy Technologies are divided into several main stages:

Sorting and grinding

This stage is designed and carried out with special care as it is essential to sort, either manually or automatically, and grind materials accurately. This ensures an excellent operation of the line and high-quality final product.

This processing cycle consists of robust and easy-to-maintain machines capable of processing difficult materials with high contamination rates, and the composition of the machinery depends on the type of input material.

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Pre-washing and washing

Our lines are customised and can include either a water or a dry prewashing and either a cold or a hot washing, depending on the type and quality of the input material. This way, we guarantee an excellent sorting and washing of the material, and, at the same time, energy efficiency and low water consumption.

Our innovative washing hot line self-generates heat and does not require heating systems for water and steam production, with associated electrical costs and maintenance issues. It is also capable of removing all kinds of impurities and printing inks, which is essential to obtain a high-quality granule.

Unlike conventional lines, an additional feature of which we are deeply proud is our ability to achieve an odour-free ground and/or final granule without the need for additional chemical additives to eliminate odour.

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Drying and granulation

At this stage of processing, the machines remove most of the water left in the product, reaching an amount of moisture inferior to 1%. This way, we are able to minimise energy and operational costs during the granulation stage

Due to the very low moisture content, we are able to perform excellent homogenisation and granulation through single-screw or twin-screw systems up to 4 degassings.

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Processing of the product

Show us your scraps, together we will create a high-quality product.

From the waste, we can provide a granule suitable to make various high-quality products. We own unique technologies that allow us to transform endlessly any kind of waste.



Without smell



Examples of final product

Our plus points

Customised solutions

customised lines for every need


Constant innovation through research and development

Cost savings

Low energy and water consumption


h24 7/7

Excellent washing

Odourless final product 

Excellent drying

Humidity less than 2%


Reduced use of chemical additives

Production flexibility

Modular lines with capacities from 500 kg/h to 1500 kg/h


Low maintenance costs

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