Innovative and customised lines for the washing of plastics

We offer our experience and knowledge in the field of recycling and processing of waste to ensure the maximum exploitation of plastic materials of post-consumer and post-industrial origin.

Electrostatic separation lines

Our lines for the TRIBOELECTRIC SEPARATION  were created to optimise productivity and ensure an excellent sorting of Rigid Plastics.

Types of Electrostatic Separation lines

Rigid plastics such as HDPE, PET, PP, PVC

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TRIBOELECTRIC unit for the separation of Polymer (Rigid Plastics) by means of electrostatic charges uses high voltage electric fields, with range from 0.00 to 180,000 volts.

Depending on the necessity, the line can process from 500 kg/h up to 1,500 kg/h.

By exploiting the intrinsic electrical charge, either positive or negative, of materials, The TRIBO system implements diversity through triboelectricity, promoting an exchange between different materials that at contact points will give up electrons, implementing individual electrical charges.

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The formation of electrostatic charges does not necessarily require rubbing since the transfer of electrons from one material to the other also occurs by simple contact.

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TRIBO is capable of dividing materials up to 98 percent purity. The maximum performance of the TRIBO system is guaranteed with 3/12 mm material.

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Processing of the product

We design customised solutions in order to best meet the customers' needs.

By using high-voltage electric fields, our lines are able to carry out the separation of Polymer (Rigid Plastics) by electrostatic charges.

Sorted HDPE 
Sorted PP

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Constant innovation through research and development

Cost savings

Low energy and water consumption


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Excellent results

Maximum exploitation of imput waste

Maximum sorting efficiency

Efficient sorting even with the most difficult materials.


Reduced use of chemical additives

Production flexibility

Modular lines with different capacities


Low maintenance costs

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