Innovative and customised lines for the washing of plastics

We offer our experience and knowledge in the field of recycling and processing of waste to ensure the maximum exploitation of plastic materials of post-consumer and post-industrial origin.

Water treatment lines

We design and devise hydronic units for the treatment of water from plastics processing lines.


As a whole, he water treatment line consists of the following sections:

Water pumping station, Self-cleaning rotary screen placed downstream of the primary delivery pipeline, Automatic polyelectrolyte preparer, Chemical reagent dosing station, especially l PAC and soda ash, and Floater.

The water coming from plastic washing is treated by precipitating the colloidal substances with PAC (Polychloride of Aluminum) and then coagulated with polyelectrolyte. After that, water is separated from the sludge by flotation.

Wastewater is collected in a tank, from where it will be pumped to a heavy material separator and then to the Disc Screen, which removes all Sedimentable Solids above the size of the filter screens.

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The filtered water is sent to Chemical Product Dosing Tanks where Flocculants are added.

At this stage, Iron Sulfate and Sodium Hydroxide are dosed to correct the pH, and then the Polyelectrolyte is added.

In the biological tank, the pH must be corrected automatically to develop bacterial flora.

The eventual compound is used to get the right BOD5 (Nitrogen needed for the biological process) value.

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In this process the oxidation of organic carbon takes place.

The biological tank is oxygenated by blowers and air diffusers.

From the Reaction Tanks, the flow is sent to the sedimenter by a centrifugal pump.

The liquid is then sent to the sedimenter separating the sludge from the water. The sludge is partly recycled in the biological tank and partly expelled.

After the sedimentation phase, the purified liquid is sent to the sewer.

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