We create innovative and customized solutions for plastic recycling and waste treatment

We are increasingly specialized in the recycling of all waste normally defined as difficult to recover, designing together with the Customer the solution best suited to his needs.

Who we are

For more than two decades we have been dedicated to the design and manufacture of complete solutions and components for recycling, specializing increasingly in the recycling of all waste normally defined as difficult to recover

Recy Technologies designs and manufactures complete systems for sorting, separating, washing and granulating waste, using our state-of-the-art technology to achieve the best possible results at each of these stages.


These are technologies respected for their level of innovation, durability and operational reliability, reasons we are most inspired.

Sustainable development

Our research and development team is always researching revolutionary technologies and new models of sustainable development, producing products with more energy-efficient technology and water sustainability.

Environmental sensitivity

The problem is not the waste but how it is managed: proper information and education on its use and recycling would safeguard our planet and consequently improve everyone's lives.

Why choose us

Your request is our starting point

We provide our experience and knowledge of recycling and processing processes to enable you to achieve the best possible result.


We start from a problem to find a solution, bringing the most diverse materials to life by developing ad-hoc solutions.


With our revolutionary technology and know-how, we help our clients achieve outstanding results and performance.


Each project is analyzed down to the smallest detail to provide a perfect solution to best meet any need.


The customer and his needs are our starting point and are the driving force behind our actions.

Our values

We have a promise to keep, adhering to fundamental principles

The quality that sets us apart is our ability to find a customized solution, whatever the problem and the initial scrap.


Knowledge enables management, and we never tire of investigating, verifying and checking so that we can offer you competent and technologically advanced solutions.


You can count on us, always. From the first draft of the offer to the start-up of your line we will be constantly by your side, supporting you step by step.


Being precise for us is a mindset. We attend to every process in the smallest detail, with the knowledge that it is the details that make the difference. And we want to be different.


We abide by a set of ethical and social norms, which constitute a real framework to which all corporate officers must adhere.


We strive to act and communicate sincerely, fairly and in accordance with moral principles that characterize our work.


We are committed on a daily basis to ethical responsibilities within the scope of our business to our customers, employees and collaborators by fulfilling our commitment.


Our mission is the regeneration of plastics into alternative sources

Recy is always committed to the research of revolutionary technologies and the search for new models of sustainable development by making products with more energy-efficient technology and greater efficiency in terms of water sustainability, optimizing productivity and minimizing the amount of waste.

Customer orientation

Always put each and every one of our customers' needs first.

Solutions orientation

Recycling the most difficult materials by giving infinite life to otherwise unrecoverable waste.

Innovation orientation

Establish new innovative recycling standards through research and development.

Quality orientation

Increase customer satisfaction by setting new quality standards.


We support the Circular Economy in the belief that "nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed," restoring new life to products that will re-enter our daily lives in this way

Environmental Respect

We firmly believe that each of us can contribute to making the world a little "greener," and that is precisely why every choice we make is focused on achieving the best result, striving every day to find solutions that protect the environment and improve the quality of life for every living being.

Value creation

The principles of the circular economy contrast with the traditional linear economic model, based instead on the typical "extract, produce, use, and throw away" pattern. Our mission is to recycle the most difficult materials by giving infinite life to otherwise unrecoverable waste, thereby helping to clean up the world and create new value.

Environmental Sustainability

The major environmental and social challenges we face require a profound rethinking of the development model, and we remain committed to bringing change and sustainability to the entire industry.

Environmental Respect

Value creation

Environmental Sustainability