Everything is transformed

October 20, 2021

Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed.

Protecting the environment from plastic pollution while promoting growth and innovation is the real challenge for real circularity in the economic system. A forecast from Recy Technologies, a company specializing in polymer recycling.

The Recy Technologies company designs and builds plastic washing and recycling lines, transforming waste into second raw material for an infinite number of products: not only bottles but also synthetic fibers, household items and food packaging. "We are always engaged in researching innovative technologies and new models of sustainable development to minimize the volume of non-recoverable waste. Our main focus is on innovative recycling by making products with more energy-efficient technology and water sustainability." The young company was founded in 2010 but relies on the 20 years of experience of its manager Feti Bahiti, as well as a technical expert in the field and an advocate of the philosophy of nothing is created, nothing is destroyed but everything is transformed.

Published in PLAST, October issue.