Our commitment does not end with the design and delivery of the line

We also support you during the installation, start-up and maintenance of the line.

Research and analysis

Through a constant improvement of our research and development department, we support enterprises in developing new technological solutions.

Our research and development department is always committed in researching revolutionary technologies and finding new models for a sustainable development. Starting from the customer's idea, we optimise the design of our products through a combination of engineering skills and material research.

Analysis and consulting

We offer a product analysis including a complete analysis of source materials, polymer composition, and contaminants to provide the perfect solution for the customer.

Prefeasibility study

Through a pre-feasibility study, we define in advance the most convenient solution for the project implementation.

Tests on pilot lines

To offer the most suitable solution for the customer's needs, we also run some tests on our pilot lines.

Preliminary design

Through a preliminary design, we define in advance the best technical and technological solution for the customer.


Your request is our starting point.

We provide our experience and knowledge in the field of recycling and processing of waste to enable you to achieve the best possible result.

Custom design

Starting from the customer's request, our engineering department designs and engineers customised lines and machinery, ensuring technological improvements and, where necessary, designing replacements for existing machinery and lines.


Our engineering department designs and draws every single component of your line in 3D. Through a final rendering phase, you will be able to see and appreciate every part of your line before it is even built.


Starting from space plans related to the production site, we provide the study of the line layout by specifying the size and locations of connections to utilities. The goal is to optimise the productivity and operability of human resources and minimise the amount of waste and internal circulation problems.

Installation and start-up

Installation and start-up activities are the basic and final stage of a project.

During construction, a preliminary check is made on the adequacy of the installed components with respect to the design.


We provide a pre-assembly service in our facility before shipping the lines, thus checking all interfaces between connections and machinery.

Blank test

Before shipment, we carry out blank testing of all machines and t electronic components. If requested by the customer, we also provide a line testing service at our facilities.


The service provided during the installation phase of the lines at the customer's facilities is characterised by specialised supervisory consulting to pre-assembly, assembly, installation, testing of individual machines, and final testing of the line.


In order to start the line properly, we provide our customers with all our experience, achieving the final result initially promised to the customer.


We optimise recycling startup and line utilisation by offering staff training to the customer.

Training programme for the use and maintenance of the line provided by a staff with long working experience on waste sorting, plastics washing, and secondary raw material regeneration systems.


Recy offers a service aimed at informing, educating, and training the working personnel.


At the conclusion of the training, a report and operational user manuals are issued. They include citation and topics of the course content.

Post start-up assistance

The training service is not only limited to the start-up phase of the line. We also assist our customers after-sales through continuous training and  constant remote support.

Support and maintenance

We offer customer service, on-site or remotely, before, during, and after the purchase of a product.

We provide quick and personalised technical support to solve mechanical, electrical and process problems.

Immediate assistance

We offer quick support service through Live Chat present on our online platform and through the activation of a direct number at the service of our customers.

Routine maintenance

Our service is aimed at ensuring maximum efficiency by providing a structured yet clear and simple response. Through careful control and supervision, we offer, if requested by the customer, a routine maintenance service that includes the restoration, renovation and replacements necessary to preserve the condition and usability of all line components.

Extraordinary maintenance

In addition to routine maintenance, we also offer extraordinary maintenance service to renew and replace parts of the lines, to adapt them to current requirements, to remedy the loss of structural and technological features, to increase performance in terms of operational and energy efficiency, and to increase product value and functionality.

Cost analysis

In case of modernisation and renovation of an existing line, we evaluate the technical and economic impact of the operations to be carried out to restore its functionality.

Spare parts

We zero downtime due to missing parts.

We recommend and, if requested, provide a set of spare parts.

Immediate service

Since spare parts are manufactured directly in our factories, we can offer maximum efficiency and speed in supply. 

Live chat

To provide quick contact with us, we offer support service through Live Chat on our online platform and activation of a direct service number.

Full service, always by your side.

A team of specialists will accompany you from the preliminary analysis of the project to the maintenance of the lines, ensuring maximum satisfaction.

Contact us


We offer an assistance service to ensure a quick contact and an effective response to handle any need promptly.


Knowledge enables management, and we have never enough of investigating, verifying and checking so that we can offer you suitable and technologically advanced solutions.


You can always count on us. From the first drafting of the offer to the start-up of your line, we will be a constant and reliable presence, supporting you step by step.


Being precise is a mindset for us. We attend to every process in the smallest detail, with the knowledge that it is the details that make the difference. And we want to be different.