Innovative and customised lines for the washing of plastics

We offer our experience and knowledge in the field of recycling and processing of waste to ensure the maximum exploitation of plastic materials of post-consumer and post-industrial origin.

Sorting lines

We study and design our lines with the utmost expertise to sort and exploit waste at its best.


Your request will be our starting point. We customise our lines according to the specific needs of our customers to find the perfect solution for them.

Types of Sorting lines

Post-consumer waste

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Correct waste sorting allows large quantities of material to be recycled and, as a result, resold, significantly reducing the environmental impact. Recy's lines provide an excellent sorting. The result of this procedure is a product free of traces of materials that could make the subsequent recycling process less effective.

Our municipal solid waste sorting lines contribute to protecting the environment and human beings, reducing CO2 emissions in the atmosphere and the waste primary resources. At the end of the recycling process, high-quality secondary raw materials enter the market.


Municipal solid waste sorting lines can be of various types. In general, their structure is similar and is based on the presence of a conveyor belt that collects materials and accompanies them through the entire sorting process.

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Once waste is loaded onto a conveyor belt, it is organised and checked. Waste is now ready to be sorted.

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At this point, waste is sent to a second conveyor belt. Thenext sorting steps can be carried out either manually or automatically. The automatic sorting can be carriedeither with magnetic separators, where the separated iron is conveyed by a belt into the appropriate container or with optical separators.

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Processing of the product

We design customised solutions in order to best meet the customers' needs.

Recy's sorting lines arrange post-consumer waste precisely and send it to the next stages of treatment and recovery.

Recovered waste

Our plus points

Customised solutions

customised lines for every need


Constant innovation through research and development

Cost savings

Low energy and water consumption


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Excellent results

Maximum exploitation of imput waste

Maximum sorting efficiency

Efficient sorting even with the most difficult materials.


Reduced use of chemical additives

Production flexibility

Modular lines with different capacities


Low maintenance costs

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