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We provide our experience and knowledge of recycling and processing processes, ensuring maximum valorization and recycling of most plastics materials from post-consumer and post-industrial sources.

Sorting plants

We study and design our lines with the utmost expertise to carry out efficient sorting and maximize the value of waste.


Your request will be our starting point because we customize our lines according to the specific needs of each individual customer to realize the perfect solution.

Types of Sorting Plants

Post-consumer waste

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Proper separation of waste makes it possible to obtain large quantities of material ready to be recycled and, subsequently, resold, significantly reducing environmental impact. Recy lines perform efficient separation, ensuring sorted products free of traces of materials that could make the subsequent recycling process less effective.

Our Municipal Solid Waste Separation Plants make it possible to protect the health of the environment and human beings, reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, create clean recovery and recycling, and reduce the waste of primary resources, allowing valuable, high-quality secondary raw materials to enter the market.


Municipal solid waste sorting plants can be of various types; their general structure is always similar, however, and is based on the presence of a conveyor belt that collects materials and accompanies them through the entire sorting process.

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Once the waste is loaded onto the conveyor belt, it is handled, checked, and opened until it is then a mass of waste ready to be sorted.

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The waste at this point is sent to a second conveyor belt, where it will be sent to the next separation steps, which can be carried out automatically with magnetic separators, where the separated iron is conveyed by a belt into the appropriate container or with optical separators, or manually.

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Product processing

We design customized solutions in order to best meet customers' needs.

Recy sorting facilities are responsible for accurately and precisely sorting post-consumer waste and sending it to the next stages of treatment and recovery.

Recovered waste

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Tailored solutions

Customized lines for every need


Constant innovation through research and development

Economic savings

Low energy and water consumption


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Excellent results

Maximum value to initial waste

Maximum separation efficiency

Efficient separation even with the most difficult materials.


Low consumption of chemical additives

Production flexibility

Modular plants with capacity


Reduced maintenance costs

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