Plastics that is difficult to recycle: Recy Technologies already has the solution

September 14, 2023

You identify yourselves as the company that builds customised lines for every need and type of plastics, including those defined as "difficult" and never before recycled. What does RECY TECHNOLOGIES deal with specifically?

In addition to the design and implementation of complete recycling solutions for known plastics that have been recycled for several years now, in the last period, we are increasingly specialising in the recycling of all waste normally defined as difficult to recover.

We design and devise complete systems for the washing, separation, and granulationof waste,  using our cutting-edge technology to achieve the best possible results at each of these stages.


Materials defined as difficult to recycle. Can you give us some examples?

We deal with plastics that are easy to recycle, such as PET - HDPE - FILM, but we do not stop here," explains the company's CEO, Mr. Feti Bahiti. We offer Our experience and know-how to the customer for all the waste normally defined as difficult to recover, such as FISHING NETS -MOQUETTE - AGRICULTURAL NON-WOVEN FABRIC- PO FILM - TEXTILE - CAR FLUFF.


You boast an excellent system regarding hot washing and drying of flexible plastics. Would you like to tell us more about it?

In the modern era, recycling has become a key element in facing global environmental challenges. The adoption of sustainable and innovative practices in the recycling industry is essential to maximise process efficiency and reduce the impact on the environment. In this context, hot washing machines, explains Mr. Feti Bahiti,  have proven to be effective tools to improve the recycling process and are different from other machines in the market thanks to a patented system.

Obtaining excellent washing is of vital importance in the recycling process, and our patented technology stands out for its many advantages: starting from its functionality and its excellent results in terms of performance and  reduction of maintenance.

Hot washing machines are specifically designed to remove contaminants such as smell, PAPER, PRINTING INK, ALUMINIUM, SOIL, SAND, GLUE, OIL, ADHESIVE SUBSTANCES, ORGANIC RESIDUES, without the need of chemical additives.


Can you briefly explain why Customers should choose RECY?

We stand out for our ability to find a customised solution, whatever the problem and waste are. The Customer's request has always been our starting point: we offer our experience and knowledge of recycling and processing to help them achieve the best possible result. We follow four fundamental stages which are CUSTOMER, DESIGN, TECHNOLOGY AND SOLUTION.

In fact, we have been the first in the world to have developed an innovative technology to recycle FISHING NETS and MOQUETTE, contributing to the recycling of those plastics that previously were not recovered.


Can you tell us more about some of the main advantages of your machines?

The main advantages are:

  • Effective removal of contaminants: hot washing machines can efficiently remove a wide range of contaminants, such as oil, grease, inks, and food residues, which can compromise the quality of recyclable materials.
  • Time and energy savings: the use of hot water in washing machines speeds up the cleaning process. This results in significant time and energy savings, allowing more material to be handled in the same period.
  • Increased purity of recycled materials: hot washing machines help achieve higher purity of recycled materials by reducing the presence of contaminants. This increases the value of recycled materials in the market and encourages their reuse in new products.
  • Lower environmental impact: by using hot water to remove contamination, hot washing machines reduce the need to use harsh chemicals. This results in a lower environmental impact and reduced emission of harmful substances into the environment.