Arjeta Agolli, Recy Technologies: diversity is an added value

March 21, 2023

Overcoming cultural barriers enables to improve business performance. Recy's aim  is to ensure an increasingly sustainable market, protecting the environment and improving the quality of life

Graduated in Business Administration and later in Management and Business Administration, Arjeta Agolli has been working in the recycling industry since 2018. Today she is General Director & Chief Administrative Officer of Recy Technologies.


How did you get into this industry and what is your role today?
I have been very ambitious and wanted to make a difference. It is useless to hide my happiness when, in 2018, I joined the recycling sector that represents the future of our society. I began my journey as part of the Administration & Accounting department at Recy Technologies, a company that designs and devises innovative lines for the recycling of plastics, and then, in 2020, promoted to Chief Administrative Officer. Despite my ambition manage the company, I would not have imagined to reach my goal in such a short time. Thanks to the pursuit of goals, resolution, perseverance, passion for my work, and, most importantly, thanks to the trust placed in me by the ownership, I was designated General Director. I am proud, happy and grateful, on the one hand, and, on the other, aware of the great responsibility I have. I am, however, equally aware that I wam supported by a dynamic, innovative and competent team.


As a woman in a male-dominated industry, can you confirm that something is changing?
The very "male" presence is not an issue concerning only the recycling industry, undeniably. The entire industry is still heavily male-dominated, although, in recent years, there has been and continues to be a clear shift towards a more female-dominated industry, with a significant growth regarding women in management and leadership roles. Currently, there are many examples of women who have defied cultural legacies and proven their worth. Indeed, there are no specific tasks for the male sex or the female sex; it just takes self-determination, perseverance, empowerment, passion for our job, and competence. Personally, I have never been discriminated as I am lucky to be part of an open-minded company. I advise to overcome cultural barriers and eliminate gender inequality as the absence of women in leadership positions is no longer simply a problem of rights but, more importantly, is a loss of value for the entire economic system.


What are your challenges for 2023?
The challenges for 2023 are numerous. The priority is to strengthen the business by increasingly engaging our R&D department in researching innovative plastics recycling technologies and promoting and consolidating the RECY brand. However, we must not, however, forget our green orientation and our commitment to seeking a eco-friendly development.


Source Tecnoplast,